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COVID has put a strain on our distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Therefore the trickle-down effect has been difficult. We try to be a distinctive service in our area and offer the best service . We have come to somewhat of a stand still on some of our services. Please have patience with us at this time. We are working hard to give you quality service in the midst of these hardships. Owner Robert Loftus was diagnosed with Stage 2B Melanoma in his leg. He has under-gone surgery, recovery,  and now frequent oncology visits among other specialists. When you are the business it's hard to work during sickness and recovery. Robert's elderly father has joined us to bring some humor and assistance in our day to day operations. Renovations and Cleanup are coming along slowly as well. 

Just a Reminder we offer simple services such as:

Gun cleaning starting $40.00 and up.

Consignment of Guns*90 Day Gift Certificates for ALL Occasions* 

Thank You to all Our Customers!!

Mandy Loftus

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